Alert Customers When
Running Out of Stock

Power up your Klaviyo Account. Grow your email list.

Why Send Inventory Alerts?

Email lists are the lifeblood of your store. Create an additional, noninvasive pipeline for your email list.

See it in action here.

  • Add a lead magnet for casual shoppers
  • Unlock your highest value conversions
  • Collect data on customer preferences
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Build Deep Relationships with Your Customers

Traditional marketing emails, like viewed product and cart abandonment, are worth ~$1/recipient.

Customer driven notifications, like back in stock, are worth 5x.

Low inventory alerts are a natural pair for back in stock.

Supercharge your Klaviyo Account

Cartwheel enables novel email automations that bolt directly into Klaviyo. Results live directly within Klaviyo.

It's straightforward to set up, and the flows it adds to Klaviyo are precisely the things that I've felt were missing... I gave it five stars, but I would gladly give it five more if there were enough stars.
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