Codeless Restock Alerts for Klaviyo

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Why use Back in Stock Buttons?

Send highly targeted emails directly to the people who are most interested in a specific product. It’s an easy sale to make.
Sarah Wachter · Klaviyo

Add a button to your storefront to gather emails from customers interested in out of stock products.

Back in stock buttons let you:

  • Automate restock campaigns
  • Add a lead magnet for casual shoppers
  • Unlock your highest value conversions
  • Collect data on customer preferences
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One of Klaviyo's Heavyweights

A Back in Stock flow is mandatory for any properly configured store. Here's why:

The Back In Stock flow is generating the highest revenue per recipient of any of their flows, and has outperformed the revenue per recipient for the second-best flow by almost 75%.

Since your customers ask to receive these emails, their engagement levels are extremely high.

Open rates are over 50% – nearly double the results of their next best flow.
Sarah Wachter · Klaviyo

Cartwheel Makes Setup Simple

  • Have your button live in minutes

  • Customize its appearance in our flexible editor

  • Natively integrates with Klaviyo's default flow

  • Custom theme compatibility

  • Use SMS in Klaviyo

  • Lightspeed customer service



Install our Shopify app,
wait for your data to sync,
and paste your API Keys.


Klaviyo Set up

Add the Klaviyo
Back in Stock flow,
customize an email.



Customize your button
and its modal pop up,
choose any settings.


Turn it on!

Enable the flow in
your Cartwheel app and
start collecting emails!

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